Maya U Max Slot at Wild Card City Casino

16/06/2021 Title Image

Every year there are several new slots featured on the Wild Card City website. New games are great for experienced players that are trying to keep things fresh, and they are great for drawing new players in., One of the newest slots added to this online gaming website is the Maya U Max slot. Here we will review the slot in detail to see if it is a good option for players.

A New Slot Comes to the Wild Card City Website

New slots come to this online games site all the time, and the owners of this online gaming establishment have done a great job of bringing in top tier pokies. The Maya U Max slot is the newest option for people to try, and it is an incredible option. It has the potential to keep players entertained for a significant amount of time.


Maya U Max Slot Aesthetic

Part of what makes certain slots appealing to people is its aesthetic. Slots are all about flashing lights to draw players in. However, once you get passed the flashing lights, you will notice that some slots are very different from others. For example, this slot draws significant inspiration from Ancient Maya.


Important Slot Variables

Before you play a new slot for the first time, it is important that you familiarize yourself with all the variables. Notably, you should be familiar with its volatility. Typically, highly volatile slots have a lower chance to win, but the payouts are large. The opposite is true for slots of low volatility. In our review of this pokie, we found that it lies somewhere in the middle. It has a below average return to player percentage of 98.69 percent. That being said, the win frequency is relatively high as it sits at 29.14 percent.

Furthermore, players have the opportunity to win up to 20,000x the size of their bet. Bets can range anywhere from 20 cents to $12.

It is also important that players know which symbols they want to see. The lowest paying symbols are A-9 royals, whereas the premiums are five colorful gems. Yellow is the color you should be looking for above all else as it has the largest payout. Finally, there are wild symbols that you should keep an eye out for.


Additional Features

The signature feature of this online game and slot is the U Max feature. This feature brings in special magnet symbols which can land below any topper on the board. These magnets will draw in symbols from the topper onto the playing board, splitting them into smaller symbols. As a result, players will have a larger number of winning lines available to them.

Should You Try This Online Game and Slot?

If you are looking to review Wild Card City Casino for the first time, you should give this slot a shot. It has a little bit of risk, giving you the opportunity to get your adrenaline pumping, but it is not super volatile. Additionally, it has a decent win rate, so you have a greater chance of getting a large prize. It is a great new addition to a great online gaming venue.